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At Planet we maintain strict protocols and rules to protect privacy. We do not and never will publish our clients’ work either on the Internet or in social media.  We respect and guarantee your right to privacy. The excerpt displayed on this page is from the public domain and for illustrative purposes only.

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For first-time customers only, we provide free proofreading of up to 600 words for your evaluation. We will further answer any questions you may have regarding the proofreading and offer suggestions for further writing. All free of charge! After evaluating our work, you may decide whether you would like to use our services or not. Free proofreading and its associated services are free to any group or individual we serve. Consultations are always free no matter what stage of the proofreading we are in, and our number one goal is always in effect: nothing makes us happier than to hear the good news, “Paper Accepted!”

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At Planet you will not only experience customer service from a professional with decades of experience; you will also be dealing with staff that care about you, your work, and are as invested in your success as you are. Our philosophy on publishing is that research and other papers change the world. Like our namesake, we are 100% commited to the idea that we can make our world a better place, and that your hard work and commitment is one more step toward getting us there. We view our editor/client relationship as a team relationship, and we are proud to work with you and to promote your efforts. 

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We are proud that most of our proofread works go on to be published or accepted. And while we cannot guarantee 100% that every one of our proofreading projects will be published or given a high grade, we do offer all of our customers our commitment that once we take on a project from you we will do our very best to ensure that it will be accepted and we will continue working on it until it meets with your approval and satisfaction. If your paper does turn out to be problematic, together, with you, we will investigate further into the problem and try to solve it. We will not stop trying until you are satisfied that your paper is in the best shape that you could have intended it to be.

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